Is it a pity.

We had windy weather but a evening-shower fell, didn't it?

A shower fell suddenly, but today was tense continuation that it has occurred to me.
(Cause which is shower,my bicycle's saddle got wet.)

As an Example, the much happens because of communication with there.
Because, recentry, I decide to theme which is behave to something for growth myself.And then,today's theme is“conscious of the relation.”

Though it should be an easy, but it was difficult. 
(It's also the one that this is being written)
In particular I'm in bad condition.I had a cold with
pain of intense in the baaaaaadddd

“Oh~ I aint say nothing because my voice dosen't go out!!!”
moreover I strained my voice.
“Hey Siri!could you conversation who speaks to me right?”
She said “there is no one substitute for you”
NOT.Such is not the case( ;∀;)

I obsessed for a progress.


...after all English gets tired.
but the time which writes sentences in English can expressed my feeling specifically. maybe so.

have a nice dayッ